6 Nights Highlights of Belarusian Past and Present Package Prime Tour (Posted on Jun 7 2011)

6 Nights Highlights of Belarusian Past and Present Package Prime Tour

Highlights of Belarusian Past and Present

Itinerary: Minsk – Stalin Line – Dudutky – Khatyn – Polotsk – Vitebsk – Shklov – Mogilev – Minsk
Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights

  • Sightseeing tour of Minsk
  • The Historical nd Cultural Complex ‘Stalin Line’
  • The open air Museum of Folk Handicrafts and Technologies Dudutki
  • The Memorial Complex Khatyn
  • Polotsk city tour
  • St. Sofia Cathidral with organ music concert.
  • The Museum of Book Publishing of Francisk Scorina
  • Vitebsk city tour
  • Mark Chagal Art Centre
Mogilev Belarus

Mogilev Belarus

DAY 1.
Arrival in “Minsk-2” International Airport. Transfer to the hotel with a guide assistance.

Check-in at the hotel.

Dinner at the hotel.

Time at leisure.

DAY 2.

Sightseeing tour of Minsk, including the main avenues (Independence avenue with – Victory square, Pobediteley avenue) and architectural monuments of the 17th – 20th cents (Upper Town with the St Spirit Cathedral, temples and monasteries and old streets of Trinity Suburb). Tourists will visit the «Isle of tears» and see the monument, that commemorates the soldiers who were perished in different times in different centuries, will see the Victory Monument, the National Library.


Excursion to the Historical nd Cultural Complex’Stalin Line’. Exposition of the arms of the WW2 and modern period: tanks, aircrafts, helicopters, canons, missiles.

Visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre (Circus, Concert Hall).


DAY 3.

Visit to the open air Museum of Folk Handicrafts and Technologies Dudutki (40 km from Minsk). Dudutki is a unique museum of material culture in Belarus with living national trades. This place can be hardly called a museum-so alive are all the displayed “objects”. A magnificent reconstruction of the traditional way of living in Belarusian village that can be not only seen but even touched: in the old-time bakery you can make a loaf by yourself, in the ceramic workshop become a potter or have some training as a blacksmith or miller… And certainly you will never forget the amazing taste of delicious homemade food with real traditional samogon (home made vodka).

Lunch in Dudutki.

Departure for Minsk. Time at leisure.

Dinner with folklore show.

khatyn memorial

khatyn memorial

DAY 4.

Visit to the Memorial Complex Khatyn. The small village of Khatyn was burnt down together with its 149 residents by the Nazis on March 22, 1943.

Departure for Polotsk. City tour, St. Sofia Cathidral with organ music concert. Museum of book publishing of Francisk Scorina.

Polotsk is the oldest town in Belarus, former centre of Polotsk Principality (first mentioned in 862), one of the most ancient centres of old Rus. During a sightseeing tour you’ll visit the St. Sofia Cathedral which like a white bird has risen on a high coast of Zapadnaya Dvina river already in XI c. After the excursion you’ll listen to the concert of organ music anf proceed to the nunnery and Spaso-Euphrasinia church laid down in 1120: it amazes with the architectural forms and a miracle of escaped frescos of XII cent. The tomb of Ephrasinia Polotskaya is kept in the nunnery. The museum of Belarusian Book Printing will attract your interest too.

The cathedrals, churches, museums, houses and streets of the old time Polotsk, the native place of St. Efrasinia Polotskaya, have preserved our country’s thousand-year-old culture. This city gave to the world such geniuses as Francisk Skaryna, Simeon Polotsky, Kirill Turovsky.

Lunch at the restaurant (Polotsk)

Departure for Vitebsk

Arrival in Vitebsk. Check-in at the hotel.

Dinner in the hotel.

DAY 5.


Vitebsk city tour.

Vitebsk, founded by Olga of Kiev in the year of 974, nowadays is supposed to be the cultural capital of Belarus as a range of international festivals and fairs take place in Vitebsk annually. Vitebsk is also rich on modern architecture, however, it is more famous as the birthplace of Mark Chagal – one of the greatest artists of the XX century. You could get acquainted with the life and creative work of the artist in the House-Museum and Art Centre of M. Chagal.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

Visit to the Mark Chagal House-Museum and Art Centre.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 6.
Breakfast. Check-out.

Departure for Minsk. On the way visit to Shklov and Mogilev.

Mogilev is a city, tightly connected with the life of the last Tzar of the Russian Empire Nicolas II. Mogilev was Nikolas’s II the Emperor last residence. Shklov is famous for being the birthplace of Belarusian first and still acting President A. Lukashenko.

Lunch in Mogilev.

Time at leisure.

Dinner at the hotel.

DAY 7.

Time at leisure.

Departure for the airport.

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6 Nights Highlights of Belarusian Past and Present Package Prime Tour

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