11 Nights Best of Bolivia Tour Package from Amazon Adventures $1718/- (Posted on Jul 1 2011)

11 Nights Best of Bolivia Tour Package from Amazon Adventures $1718/-

Best of Bolivia Tour

Day 1 – SANTA CRUZ (-/-/-)
arrive Santa Cruz, where you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon you will be picked up for a city tour. It is known for its mix of colonial and modern architecture and it surrounded by tropical vegetation. Mennonites and Japanese settlements, as well as some primitive tribes, give a special flavor to this area.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia

full day Samaipata ruins visit. Located 120 kilometers from the town of Santa Cruz, the ruins of Samaipata are one of the most enigmatic ancient sites in all of South America. Perched at 6500 feet above sea level (1949 meters), the site was first discovered by the early Spanish and named ‘El Fuerte’ as it was believed to have military significance. Archaeologists no longer believe in the military use of the site but consider that it had religious significance. The ruins of Samaipata consist of two parts: 1) the stone hill with many fascinating carvings of jaguars, snakes, other zoomorphic and geometrical figures, a water tank with conduits, and a curious seating arrangement, and 2) an area to the south of the stone hill that seems to have been the administrative and residential district.

Day 3 – SANTA CRUZ – SUCRE (B/-/-)
transfer to airport, for flight to Sucre, wher you will be met and transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon you will be picked up for a city tour. This colonial city, founded in 1538, is the testimony of Bolivia’s independence. Churches centuries old, priceless colonial paintings, furniture and religious figures are exhibited in its museums and historical buildings are also a testimony of its past. The San Francisco Xavier University is the 2nd oldest one in South America and the 1st to start a medical school. UNESCO has declared it “The Historical and Cultural Legacy of Mankind”

Full day visit to Tarabuco`s Market (SUNDAYS ONLY) Visit the Tarabuco Sunday native fair. On Sunday Tarabuco
became a fantasy of colors; Indian costumes and a fabulous market. The natives in Tarabuco still use a leather helmet similar to the one used by the Conquerors. Continue to Candelaria Hacienda and enjoy a country lunch and the dance of “Pujllay” the most authentic of our folklore expressions. Return to Sucre by mid afternoon. Overnight at a local hotel

Day 5 – SUCRE / POTOSI (B/-/-)
transfer to bus station to take bus to Potosi, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Afternoon tour of the city. The discovery of ore in silver-rich Cerro Rico (rich hill) in 1544 prompted the foundation of the city of Potosí on April 10th, 1545 at the foot of the hill. Large-scale excavation began in the site immediately and the first shipment of silver was sent to Spain. In 1672, a mint was established to coin silver and water reservoirs were built to fulfill the growing population’s needs. At that time more than eighty six churches were built and the city’s population increased to nearly 200,000, making it one of the largest and wealthiest cities in Latin America and in the world, known for its silver mines, magnificent architecture and extravagance. There is a popular saying that its Rich Mountain has produced enough silver to build a solid bridge from Potosi to Madrid. Today, Potosi speaks of its history with a language of stone written with the blood and sweat of the silver miners; a sample city of colonial exploitation.The wooden machinery of the Royal Mint is still perfectly conserved and the city is today a living museum of the colonial period.

Day 6 – POTOSI / UYUNI (B/-/-)
Early in the morning visit the Casa de la Moneda (Royal Mint), with its wooden machinery used to make the silver coins for Spain during the colony and a visit to a mine are the main local attractions. Transfer to the bus station for regular bus to Uyuni. Uyuni the highest and largest Salt Lake in the world (10,000 KM2) surrounded by an impressive panorama. On the edge, visitors can see natives extracting salt with lost in time methods. Overnight at a local salt hotel

*Pick up from your hotel The largest salt flat on Earth, located on the Bolivian Andean Altiplano with 12.000 square Km; the Bolivian Andes offer stunning sceneries which can be hardly matched. It has to be -a once in your life time journey-. The noise of silence makes the heart beat faster and the surreal pentagons of crystalline salt, the pure sky, the cacti and the flamingos, will certainly make you feel that there is not place like this in the whole world. Drive to “Isla Pescado”. At a distance this island has the shape of a fish. Its historical name is Inka Wasi. It is located at the center of the Uyuni salt pan. Nature has bestowed a singular type of flora on this place. The surface rocks contain fossils of marine algae. This is the largest island in the group that forms an isolated oasis-type ecosystem within the salt pan; the landscape against the background of the salt pans that extend to the horizon makes it an ideal place for photography fans. Lunch PM return to Uyuni. Drop off at your hotel for a day use room while waiting for the night train to Oruro. Late transfer to the train station. Overnight on the train



Day 8 – ORURO / LA PAZ (B/-/-) Reception in Oruro and transfer to the bus station for regular bus to La Paz. Transfer to your hotel. Overnight at a local hotel.

Half day visit to Tiwanacu, the “Cradle of the American Civilizations” and wonder with their advanced culture, their monoliths, the sun door, etc. Around A.D. 500, the great high plateau state of Tiwanaku emerged as the dominant culture of the region. At over 3800 meters above sea level, Tiwanaku ranks as one of the highest ancient imperial capitals in the world. The site was founded around 400 B.C. as a modest village. By A.D. 900, Tiwanaku influence and control extended over 350,000 square kilometers, an area larger than modern Great Britain. During its peak, the capital of Tiwanaku boasted a huge stone-faced pyramid, cut stone enclosures, elite residences, exquisitely decorated buildings, a system of subterranean canals, and at least four square kilometers of residential buildings, with a population of 100,000. There was a rigid social and political hierarchy expressed in elaborate art and architectural styles.Box Lunch on route. Land transportation to Huatajata.
Before arriving to our Huatajata Harbour you can enjoy the most spectacular panorama of the lake, mountains and the impressive Royal Range of the Andes. Visit the Chullpas mortuary of several periods. At the handicrafts and folkloric area, meet the Limachi Brothers, builders of the RA II and  TIGRIS for Thor Heyerdhal epic expeditions; see a full size reproduction of RA II and the amous ABORA II which has time had one of the Limachi family on board. Admire the mud igloos of the Chipayas Pamper our llama, alpacas and shy vicuñas. Visit the “Altiplano Museum” where a state of the art audio equipment presents in your own language our past legacy as well as the colonial and modern times. Evening introductory audiovisual and visit the “Mystic World of The Kallawayas”. The Kallawayas believed that you have first to heal the soul in order to heal the body and the current medicine is accepting this idea. Meet “Tata Benjo” and have your future told while casting his sacred coca leafs. Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA

After breakfast board a hydrofoil and start your Lake Titicaca experience. First, visit the Urus Iruitos & Quewaya Sustainable Tourism Project. Visit their authentic island and understand the 5.000 years of history of this culture. Continue to Moon Island. Visit the “Iñak Uyu” Sun Virgins temple, where the most beautiful virgins of the Incas were conserving a sacred fire dedicated to their Gods. This temple is considered to be one of the most important ruins on the Lake. Continue cruise to Sun Island. Visit the Inca Stairways and the Sacred Fountain believed to give eternal youth and Happiness. Lunch at our Uma Kollo Arqueological Restaurant. Return to Huatajata. Night visit to “Alajpacha”. Meet with the Aymara constellations in our Native Observatory and learn about their cosmology. Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA

Bus transportation to La Paz. AM Half Day City Tour of La Paz and Moon Valley. La Paz is known as “the City of contrast” and it is a unique blend of cultures and races. Located within breathtaking panoramas. This tour includes: Native, colonial and modern areas, Indian Market, Open Air Museum of Tiwanacu, Witch Doctor’s Market and Moon Valley. Overnight at a local hotel

Day 12 – transfer to airport.

2011 Price per person in US$:

hotel 2 people 3 people 4 people single supplement
superior $2087 $1907 $1788 $407
tourist $2017 $1837 $1718 $290



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11 Nights Best of Bolivia Tour Package from Amazon Adventures $1718/-

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