12 Days Classic Algeria Tour Package from 365 Days Travel (Posted on Jul 11 2011)

12 Days Classic Algeria Tour Package from 365 Days Travel

12 Days / 11 Nights

Classic Algeria tour package includes visit to Casablanca,Morroco,Gibraltar, United Kingdom,Oran,Algiers,Annaba,Bizerte, Tunisia,Tunis (for Carthage),Sousse (for Kairouan), Tunisia, Gozo Island, Valletta, Malta(Disembark)

Day 1 :Depart U.S.A

Oran, Algeria

Oran, Algeria

Day 2 – Casablanca, Morocco: Upon arrival, transfer to the Hyatt Regency Casablanca; your room has been reserved for immediate occupancy. After a brief rest, join fellow travelers for lunch and a chance to explore this famous city, an intriguing mix of Moroccan and French design. See many of Casablanca’s significant sites – Hassan II Mosque (the largest outside of Mecca), the marina, Mahakma Law Court building, Notre Dame Church, and Mohammed V Square.

Day 3 – Casablanca (Embark)
Begin with a short journey north to Mohammedia (formerly Fedala). It was here, on November 8, 1942, that troops led by General George Patton participated in one of three landings of the Western Task Force of Operation TORCH – the first American ground action in World War II’s European Theater. When Vichy French forces put up stronger than expected resistance, Patton landed amid the chaos of the unseasoned troops and promptly set about organizing his forces and reestablishing communications. Within two days, the legend of Patton’s “magic touch” had taken root and his forces received the French surrender at Casablanca. Today, learn more about this key invasion and discuss “George Patton – Man and Myth.” Return to Casablanca for embarkation of the Clipper Adventurer; you’ll have plenty of time to settle in before the ship sets sail tonight.

Day 4 – Gibraltar, United Kingdom
Gibraltar – gatekeeper of the Mediterranean – is your next stop. Known colloquially as “Gib” or “the Rock,” nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of it! Since 1713 and the Treaty of Utrecht, Britain has maintained sovereignty over Gibraltar; it has been an important Royal Navy base since the time of Lord Horatio Nelson in the 18th century. Gibraltar also played a vital role during World War II, when General Dwight Eisenhower used the site to plan the Operation TORCH landings. A cable car takes you to the summit for spectacular views of this delightful Spanish city. See the fortifications, city gates and Nelson’s Anchorage, as well as the Siege and Gibraltar museums. While cruising toward Algeria this afternoon, take advantage of the Clipper Adventurer’s many fine amenities.

Day 5 – Oran, Algeria
Algeria’s second-largest city, Oran is also one of the country’s busiest ports and still a major industrial center. Originally founded by Andalusian seamen in A.D. 937, the town flourished under Zianid rule, developing strong trade ties with Spain; Oran also reflects a blend of Ottoman and European influences imparted by later conquering nations. Explore the old Spanish-Arab-Turkish quarter (La Blanca), with its famous Grand Mosque and Marabout Sidi Mohammed El Haouri – the pinnacle of Andalusian architecture. Then take in the French colonial ambience at La Ville Nouvelle, a newer section of Oran built after 1831.

Day 6 – Algiers
Long a hotbed of conflict, Algiers was once home to the Barbary pirates, when both Europe and America fought drawn-out wars in an attempt to stop raids on foreign shipping. Later, during World War II, the Vichy French forces fell quickly here following Operation TORCH. Discover this beautiful city today, first stopping at the famous Kasbah of Algiers – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also see Notre Dame de’Afrique, King’s Palace, the citadel, ancient mosques, Ottoman-style palaces, and the medina’s traditional whitewashed architecture.

Day 7 – Annaba, Algeria
This coveted harbor city, settled by Phoenicians in the 12th century B.C., passed to the Romans (as Hippone) and eventually to the French during its illustrious history. Today’s sightseeing revisits the region’s dynamic past. Distinctly European in character, modern Annaba’s green main street – Cours de la Rêvolution – exudes a vibrant ambience while its basilica of St. Augustine brings to mind Paris’ contemporary Sacre Coeur. Also explore the ancient ruins of Hippone, the Arab medina, and Abou Marwan Mosque.

Day 8 – Bizerte / Tunis, Tunisia
After gaining Algeria during World War II’s North Africa campaign, the Allies hoped to take Bizerte and Tunis before the Germans could send reinforcements. However, the Axis pushed through Kasserine Pass first before being driven back to Bizerte, where they eventually surrendered in 1943. Today’s tour focuses on the northern battlefields that were integral to the early drive into Tunis. Also visit Tunis’ World War II North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial – Africa’s only U.S. national cemetery – for a poignant flag and wreath-laying ceremony. Return to the ship, now docked here, for overnight.

Day 9 – Tunis (for Carthage)
From the 12th to 16th centuries, this compact port was considered one of the Islamic world’s greatest, wealthiest cities. Today, Tunis boasts a seventh-century medina and a more modern new city, or ville nouvelle. At the renowned Bardo Museum, a superb example of 17th- and 18th-century Arab-Muslim architecture, learn more about the city’s Phoenician, Roman, and Arab history. Then continue to nearby Carthage, launching ground for Hanibal’s ill-fated campaign against Rome, for lunch and a closer look at its many architectural antiquities.

Day 10 – Sousse (for Kairouan), Tunisia
On Tunisia’s eastern coast, Sousse is noted for its archaeological treasures. Visit the watchtower of the eighth-century ribat (monastery) at the heart of the medina – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – or discover the fascinating museum, renowned for its rich mosaics from Christian catacombs, Roman country houses, and Punic stelae. If you prefer, another excursion explores nearby Kairouan, the “city of 50 mosques,” also home to North Africa’s most sacred Islamic sanctuary – the ninth-century Sidi Oqba mosque, with the world’s oldest standing minaret. Your afternoon is free for independent discoveries back in Sousse.

sousse tunisia

sousse tunisia

Day 11 – Gozo Island / Valletta, Malta
Laze on deck or join onboard experts for an informal presentation this morning as the Clipper Adventurer sails for seldom-visited Gozo, a tiny and historic isle just northwest of Malta’s main island. Steeped in legend, it is said that bucolic Gozo is the mythological “Isle of Calypso” from Homer’s Odyssey. Afternoon sightseeing reveals some of the best-preserved temples on the Maltese Islands – Ggantija, or “place of giants.” The complex’s two Neolithic temples, dating from the third millennium B.C., are believed to be the world’s oldest freestanding structures. And, at the archaeology museum in Victoria (Gozo’s cultural and geographical heart), you’ll see some of the extraordinary pottery, vases, and statuettes excavated from the site. Later, the Clipper Adventurer sails to Valletta for overnight.

Day 12 – Valletta, Malta (Disembark)
Return to the U.S.A.

Passport valid for at least six months required by all.

Required by all except the following:
(a) nationals of Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Mauritania, Seychelles, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen for stays of up to three months;
(b) transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft within 24 hours provided holding sufficient funds, onward and return documentation and not leaving the airport. If transit exceeds 24 hours, a transit permit for up to 48 hours has to be obtained from airport authorities.
Note: Children under 15 years of age traveling on their parents’ passports do not need a visa, although a letter of authorization is required from the parents or guardian.

Types of visa and cost
Tourist, Business and Transit. The cost varies according to nationality. For British passport holders, the costs are: Single-entry: US$48 (US$39); Multiple-entry: US$60 (US$39; 90 days). Contact the Consulate (or consular section at Embassy) for details; see Passport/Visa Information.

Tourist: approximately 30 days. Transit: maximum 48 hours. Business: up to 90 days.

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12 Days Classic Algeria Tour Package from 365 Days Travel

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