12 Days Haunted Britain – A Paranormal Adventure Package from Across The Pond Tours (Posted on Jun 23 2011)

12 Days Haunted Britain – A Paranormal Adventure Package from Across The Pond Tours


oo!  Did we scare you?  Well, if we didn’t, this tour will definitely send a chill down your spine.  Whether you’re a serious paranormal researcher, or you just fancy the idea of spirits, ghosts and the afterlife, Across the Pond Tours’ Haunted Britain: A Paranormal Adventure is certain to frighten and amuse.  Britain is rich with ethereal locations.  We’ve selected some of the top spots for you to learn about and experience unearthly happenings.  Grab a loved one and hang on tight!  Because, sometimes, things do go bump in the night…

highgate cemetery

highgate cemetery


Day 1 – Depart
Depart from your home destination
(Airport transfer and/or airfare*)

Day 2 – Arrival in London (Heathrow or Gatwick)
Welcome to a city so rich with history, it’s impossible to escape its past.  We’ve scheduled one of London’s famous black taxicabs to take you to your luxury hotel.  Take the remainder of the day to relax and get a good rest tonight.  You’ll need your wits about you as your ghost hunting begins tomorrow.

Day 3 – Haunted London
What better way to start your Haunted Britain Tour than with a trip to a cemetery?  First on your agenda is Highgate Cemetery whose ‘inhabitants’ include Dante Gabriel Rossetti (famous pre-Raphaelite painter and poet), Karl Marx, and Charles Dickens. Have a pub lunch if you choose at one of the cemetery’s nearby locales – many of which are also said to entertain long-passed guests. This afternoon, you’re off to one of Great Britain’s most notorious haunts, The Tower of London.  During its 900 year history, The Tower of London has been the setting for many great events not only as a royal palace and fortress, but also as a dwelling of misery and pain as a prison and place of execution.  Resident spirits include Thomas à Becket, the Little Princes, the Countess of Salisbury, Queen Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and many more!  Your Yeoman Warder will tell tales sure to make you think twice before turning off the light tonight before going to bed!  Afterwards, relax with a drink and some dinner at The Grenadier Pub… or can you?  It, too, is known as one of London’s eerier pubs, reported to be haunted by the ghost of a man beaten to death for cheating at cards.  As darkness blankets London, you’ll join a tour with fellow ghost hunters on a Haunted London Walking Tour, then back to your luxury hotel.  Sleep tight… if you can.

Day 4 – London’s Haunted History
Take a step back in time as you visit Hampton Court Palace, home to such spirits as Catherine Howard (fifth wife of King Henry VIII), Jane Seymour, Sibell Penn (a.k.a. ‘The Lady in Grey’) and others. You will be impressed not only with the tales of hauntings, but with Hampton Court Palace’s sheer magnificence and beauty.  As evening falls, you’ll be treated to another great London walking tour – that of Jack the Ripper. Step by bloodcurdling step you will be spirited back to that spine-chilling era of gaslit horror, to join the Victorian police as they hunt the Ripper through a warren of crumbling backstreets.

Day 5 – Ethereal Edinburgh
This morning, you’re headed to Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s most ‘spirit-filled’ cities.  In the late afternoon or early evening, you’ll join a guided tour sure to provide a haunted underground experience you won’t soon forget. You’ll descend into the 18th century Blair Street Vaults beneath the South Bridge, explore the nature of ghosts, the different ways they manifest themselves, discuss the paranormal experiences of visitors since 1994 and the findings of The Edinburgh Ghost Project of 2001. The evening is yours to do as you wish – perhaps find a quaint Olde Worlde pub to share your ghoulish stories from the day.  Tonight, you’re booked into yet another luxury hotel in Edinburgh.

Day 6 – Edinburgh to York
Reputed to be one of the most haunted spots in Scotland, today you’re off to see Edinburgh Castle, a majestic landmark which dominates the capital city’s skyline, just as it has dominated Scotland’s long and colorful history for 900 years. Such tales of ghosts include those of the Duke of Albany, Lady Glamis, the Ghostly Piper, and more. This afternoon, you’ll head from one ghostly city to another as you travel by train to the Viking city of York, England. Perhaps you need a rest from all this fright? We’ve reserved a lovely room for you in York at a luxury hotel, where we’ve also arranged for you to have a superb dinner, so you needn’t travel far.

Day 7 – York
York Castle Museum awaits. The year 1705 saw the completion of the new county gaol. It was to house felons; the men and women of Yorkshire who were accused of the most serious crimes. Since then, Sounds of screaming and dark figures have been seen wandering the cells and Half Moon Court. They could possibly be the ghosts of previous inmates waiting for execution.  Several museum staff have reported a litany of mysterious phenomena over the years, including chain rattling, ghostly voices and there was even a ‘ghost dog’ spotted in the darkened galleries. Down in the cells area, a museum guide is once said to have heard scratching in the corner of a cell, only to find the word INNOSENT written on the flagstone floor. Afterwards, have a pint at the haunted Cock and Bottle Pub. George Villiers, the second Duke of Buckingham, who lived during the reign of Charles II is the saucy spirit who haunts this public house. Then, it’s on to the York Theatre Royal to see tonight’s production. But beware, the ‘Grey Lady’ haunts both the theatre, and it’s across-the-street pub, the York Arms, where you may want to drop in after for a nightcap and tell her, “Hello.”

Day 8 – Derby
This morning, you’re headed to what is often referred to as the ‘most haunted city in England’, Derby. We’ve arranged for you to have a car for the next few days for ease of getting around this haunted locale. Today, you’ll drive ‘round to visit the Guild Hall Catacombs, Bell Inn, D. Lafferty’s & Sons, and the Heritage Center – all haunted locales with their own chilling tales to tell. Tonight, you’re staying in a beautiful luxury hotel with a history all its own.

Day 9 – Nottingham
A spooky day awaits as you head to the Galleries of Justice. Over the centuries, thousands of people have entered the building with a sense of dread for their future – as many would have been imprisoned, sentenced, and sometimes, even publicly executed on the gallows of the front steps. Listen to the stories of those who have passed on, on one of the tours offered by the Galleries. Next, you’ll drive to Nottingham Castle to hear the legends of Mortimer’s Hole, where spirits from the 1330’s still roam, and King John of 1212’s victims – the 28 sons of Welsh noblemen – still cry for mercy. A meal at the Ferry Inn may leave you feeling not only full, but frightened, as this legendary pub has spirits of its own. Retire to your luxury hotel in Derby. Pleasant dreams…

Mortimer’s Hole

Mortimer’s Hole

Day 10 – Return to London
You travel by train back to London to see some of the haunted locales you didn’t have time for the first time around. These include the House of Detention in Clerkenwell, a former prison teeming with spirits who suffered in its dank, cold cells. You’ll also see Kensington Palace. Beginning life as a Jacobean mansion, the house became a Royal Palace in 1689, when William III bought it in the hope that its pastoral location would alleviate his chronic asthma. Since its inception, mournful sounds of George’s fifth daughter, Princess Sophia and King George II have been heard. You’re back in the restful lap of luxury again in your lovely hotel room. But, as you look around your room, are you truly alone, or have you taken back with you a ‘souvenir’ that makes the hair on the back of your neck rise?

Day 11 – London
Back in London, you can now see some of the spots you missed a few days ago, including the notorious 50 Berkeley Square (where several have died or gone insane from the sight of evil spirits). Also, see Westminster Abbey, where several spirits still roam, including a Benedictine Monk, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard. Apparently, the ghost ‘situation’ became so dire during the 19th century that the Gallery was forced to close for several years. Tonight, you’ll see The Producers ** at the Drury lane Theatre, considered by some to be the most haunted theatre in the world. Say goodnight to the spirits, but perhaps not farewell. Who knows what, or who, you’ll take back home with you tomorrow?

Day 12 – Return Home
Depart for home.
(Airport transfer and/or airfare additional*)

* Additional fees apply.
** Performances subject to change.

The above tour is subject to change without notice.

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12 Days Haunted Britain – A Paranormal Adventure Package from Across The Pond Tours

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