12 Days Highlights of Libya Tour Package from Simoon Travel £2075 /- (Posted on Jul 16 2011)

12 Days Highlights of Libya Tour Package from Simoon Travel £2075 /-

12 Days / 11 Nights £2075

This is an rich and varied 12 day cultural journey accompanied throughout by an experienced English speaking local Libyan guide and onsite guides. Hotel accommodation in Libya is in 3/4* hotels. Outside Tripoli, hotels are basic but clean and comfortable.  Prices from £2075

Day 1
Arrive in Tripoli: Explore the charming city of Tripoli with its souks and Italianate streets and squares and enjoy a meal in a lively restaurant.

Qasr al Haj store house

Qasr al Haj store house

Day 2
Ruins of Sabratha and Qasr Al Haj: Morning visit to Sabratha which is one of the most well preserved ancient Roman sites in the world today. Afternoon visit to the extraordinary fortified granary of Qasr Al Haj.

Day 3
Berber culture in the Jebel Nefusa: Travel through the Jebel Nefusa stopping at the charming Berber community of Kabau that nestles on a hillside with a wonderful granary marking the focal point of the village.

Day 4
Ghadames jewel of the Sahara: Ghadames is one of the most extensive ancient caravan trading towns anywhere in the Sahara. Wander through labyrinthine alleyways, and lunch in a traditional old house.

Day 5
Nalut: Visit the Berber Community of Nalut. Nalut houses an exceptional Berber granary that teeters on the edge of a mountain with fantastic views overlooking the plains beneath.

Day 6
Tripoli: Today will be spent at leisure in Tripoli relaxing after the previous days’ long journey.  There will be an optional medina tour in the afternoon.

Day 7
Benghazi, Tolmeitha and Qasr Libya: Fly to Benghazi. Visit Tolmeitha, formerly Ptolemais and part of the Cyrenaican Pentapolis. Drive through the Green mountains to see the Byzantine mosaics of Qasr Libya.

Day 8
Cyrene: Cyrene was the premier city of the Pentapolis and is set in a Mediterranean landscape with spectacular views over the coastal plains.

Day 9
Apollonia: Visit the ancient port of Apollonia which was built to serve as the port of Cyrene. Transfer back to Benghazi for your evening flight to Tripoli.

Day 10
Magnificent Leptis Magna: The city of Leptis Magna is one of the highlights of any Libyan tour. An extensive site, Leptis Magna was once one of the most extravagantly appointed cities in the Roman Empire.

nalut mountains

nalut mountains

Day 11
Villa Sileen: Revisit Leptis Magna in the morning. Then transfer to Villa Sileen to view its exquisite collection of mosaics.

Day 12
Tripoli Museum and Depart: The Museum in Tripoli is a “must-see”, housing one of the largest collections of classical art in the world as well as the remarkable Qaddafi gallery.

This tour gives you an introduction to the many different cultures and landscapes of Libya. The tour starts in Tripoli, with its ancient medina and bustling market life. From there you will visit the ancient Roman city of Sabratha on the coast. You will then travel through the Jebel Nefusa mountain range, rich in Berber culture and on towards the desert-bound city of Ghadames. You will visit ruined castles, ancient granaries, troglodyte dwellings and stand in awe before the magnificent sand dunes of the Sahara. Your journey will then take you to Benghazi and from there you will explore the eastern area of Libya known as Cyrenaica. You will visit some of the finest ancient Greek sites of the Pentapolis including Apollonia and Cyrene, both of which overlook the sea. The final leg of your journey will be spent exploring the wonders of Leptis Magna and the exquisite mosaics of Villa Sileen.

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12 Days Highlights of Libya Tour Package from Simoon Travel £2075 /-

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