11 Days Kamchatka Adventure Tour Package from All Russia Tours (Posted on Jun 17 2011)

11 Days Kamchatka Adventure Tour Package from All Russia Tours


Three volcanoes
Special interest Kamchatka tour
trekking, climbing the volcanoes and rafting

The most exotic place in Russia, where virgin wild nature is preserved.  Kamchatka tour is a unique chance to ascend the
volcano, float down the river and try the best fishing, or visit Kamchatka native people settlement and watch the reindeers!

Avacha volcano, Kamchatka

Avacha volcano, Kamchatka

We invite you to explore this amazing region and welcome lovers of natural exotic and almost cosmic beauty!

Day 1
Upon arrival at the airport you will be transferred to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Check in at the hotel. Time for acclimatization and rest. Relax and recover with the help of  curative virtues of thermal water.

Enjoy bathing in a swimming-pool with thermal water in the open air!

Day 2
After breakfast you may take optional extra charged helicopter excursion:

  • Transfer to a heliport.
  • Walking tour in The Valley of Geysers with landing in the Caldera of Uzon volcano;
  • Walking tour in Vostochny thermal field;
  • Flights around Karymsky and Maly Semyachik volcanoes;
  • Helicopter flight to Zhupanova river, dinner in a tourist lodge.
  • Return to the heliport.

In the evening departure to the foot of Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes. Accommodation at the base-camp. A walk to the nature site – an extrusion “Camel” which is situated between Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes. It was formed after their eruptions, when lava squeezed out of  the crack and froze, forming this massif

  • The Valley of Geysers is a unique natural site located in a vast gorge and Geysernaya river flowing along it. All forms of geothermal activity can be found here, including active and pulsing boiling springs, hot lakes, mud pots, and small volcanoes, steam jets, hot fields, and, of course, geysers. The Valley of Geysers is very picturesque, an incredible mosaics is created by multicolored clay, weird in structure and in hue geyserites structures, thermophilic algae, and profuse greenery of grasses.
  • The Uzon was included into the List of the World-Wide Cultural and Natural Heritage by WWF in the nomination “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”.  In the central part of the caldera there is the main thermal zone, heated by an underground and still hot magma hearth. There are more than a thousand hot springs there (which sources are able to supply a small geothermal station). Numerous lakes are supplied by springs. Mud pots and small mud volcanoes are small miracles of Uzon.

Day 3
Ascent to the crater of Avachinsky Volcano.

An overview excursion round the crater to the fumaroles fields andlava dome.
Descent to the camp. Dinner.
Transfer to recreation base and in Paratunka village..
Bathing in a thermal water swimming pool in the open air.

  • On the twilight, after a full breakfast, a group starts ascent. Going higher and higher up along a volcanic ridge one can enjoy the kamchatkan sights from the bird’s flight view. At 2,000 m., at the foot of a young cone the group has a small break for lunch. Then, collecting strength in 1.5-2 hours the group will be on the top. A majestic view opens from the edge of the crater. To the south there are towns of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and Elizovo, the valley of Avacha river and the Avacha Bay, Viluchinsky, Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes, the weather permitting, a view of  snow-white cone of Opala volcano opens; to the north there is the valley of Nalychevo river, Zhupanovsky and Dzendzur volcanoes. Besides, the weather permitting, while ascending a view of a massive cone of Koryaksky volcano opens. It activated in 2008 and a dense white-grey cloud of fumaroles gas rises very high!
  • The total time of the ascent depends on physical fit of the group and on the weather conditions, on average it takes about 8 hours. The most difficult part of the route is the cone of the volcano, it is 300 m. high. It’s covered by slag which devolves and makes trekking more difficult. At the top, there is a special rope pulled down along the slope which substantially helps to overcome the latest meters of ascent. Descend takes twice as less as ascent.

Day 4
Departure to Bystraya (Malkinskaya) river
Preparing the rafts. Briefing on the safety rules.
Start of the rafting.
Fishing (Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Grayling).
Lunch on the way.
In the evening, set up a base-camp on the bank of the river. Dinner. Relax.

  • Bystraya is a mountain river with two rapids of the 2nd category of difficulty. You’ll  enjoy the view of surrounding  majestic mountains of The Sredinny Ridge, the islands right in the middle of the river, drowned in bushy grasses, and of course wild nature untouched by the civilization. Theriver itself is full of deep pits, the places where schools of salmon going to the spawning grounds have some rest. These are good places for fishing
Brown Bear Foraging for Salmon Kamchatka

Brown Bear Foraging for Salmon Kamchatka

Day 5
Packing the camp.
Rafting. Passing rapids. The most interesting part of rafting starts today with a number of rapids there. Technically, they are not difficult; the speed of current on the rapids is 2-4 meters per second and varies depending on the water level.
Lunch on the way. Set up a base-camp on the bank of the river in the evening. Dinner. Relax.

  • The first rapid represents a group of large water waves of 1.5-2 meters high.
  • The second rapid is 2 hours after the first one. The water stream of river is parted into two by a large wave. The right stream goes under a rocky bank and turns sharply to the left, further on, rolls off the 0.5 meters high underwater plate, forming so called “bochka”.
  • The third one is in a half of an hour. There the river turns to the right, forming several overflows and slanting water rollers. The longevity of the fourth rapid is not more than 50 meters.

Day 6
Packing the camp. Rafting. Fishing.
Lunch on the way. The end of rafting.
Return to Paratunka recreation base. Accommodation. Swimming in a swimming-pool with thermal water.

Day 7
Departure to the volcanic plateau at the foot of Mutnovsky volcano
Visiting Viluchisky waterfall on the way
Lunch. Rest at the foot of Viluchinsky volcano.
Further on departure to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano. Set up a tent
base-camp. Dinner. Relaxation.

  • Viluchisky volcano is situated to the south-west of PetropavlovskKamchatski. The volcano is extinct. It elevates 2,175 m. above the sealevel. In winter it is a good place for alpine skiing and snowboarding. In the south-east part of the foot there are hot springs. In summer there is a beautiful forty meters waterfall at the foot.
  • The top of the volcano is cut on the western part and on its top the huge rocks elevate, separated by accumulation of ice and granular snow. Lava and pyroclastics which make these rocks are changed in variegate colors, possibly, by the fumaroles activity not so long ago. Slopes of the volcano are cut by deep barrancoses (ravines), descending radially from the top or from the middle of the slope. The space of the upper ones is filled with ice and granular snow.

Day 8
Radial trekking – ascent to the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano. The path goes across vast perennial snowfields and a narrow canyon -breach   in the crater of volcano. Lunch on the way.
Excursion in the crater of volcano.
Return to the base-camp. Dinner. Relax.

Mutnovsky volcano is one of the biggest volcanoes in the south of Kamchatka. It has a complex structure and a long history of development. The volcano (2,323 m.) is made up of four merged cones with top calderas. The most astonishing thing that differs the ascent on Mutnovsky volcano from other ones is that the path goes in the break inside the volcano itself! While trekking you feel as if you are in the center of theEarth, it seems, one moment and hot lava breaks out from the ground!

A majestic picture of an active crater opens to a traveler from the top of Mutnovsky volcano. Inside a deep hollow there are big hissing fumaroles, which collars are the bright yellow color builds of sulphur crystals, hot boiling mud pots, boiling small lakes and geysers. The whole this exotic is surrounded by rocks with overhanging blue glacier; everything bubbles, hisses, spits hot splashes and steams. After the latest earthquake of 2000, a huge glacier in the crater of Mutnovsky volcano partially melted, forming a crater lake of deep-turquoise color. It freezes in winter and melts late in July, stripping its surface from the shield ice.

A small river Vulcannaya, springs from the crater of volcano, streams along the lava field and falls into a deep Opasny (“Dangerous”) canyon, forming a waterfall of 80 meters height. This place is awesome in its beauty!

Day 9
Breakfast. Ascent and an observational excursion of Gorely volcano.
Lunch on the way. Descent to the camp. Supper.
Departure to Paratunka village. Accommodation at a recreation base.
Bathing in a thermal water swimming pool. Relaxation.

•The body of an active Gorely volcano gives a truly breathtaking sight!
In the past, the upper part of a big ancient shield volcano lowered, forming a 13 kilometers caldera, from its bottom by chain of craters intensive eruptions started. Some craters merged with one another while these eruptions. As a result, an unusual ridge-shaped massif of complex strata-volcano now elevates from the top of a vast caldera. On the upper part of the
volcano there are 11 craters of various size and form! Besides, inside and outside the caldera more than 10 smaller side slag craters and lava cupolas appeared.

The volcano is unique in its beautiful collection of different craters on its upper part. Some of them are filled with multicolor lakes, some with snow and ice, and in crater Active fumaroles are permanently steaming!

Day 10
Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.
Boat-trip in Avacha Bay to Starichkov Island.
Watching marine birds, sea fishing. Lunch on the boat.
Return to the recreation base.
Bathing in an open swimming-pool with thermal water under the open sky.

Avacha Bay, Kamchataka

Avacha Bay, Kamchataka

Day 11
Breakfast. A visit to a fish market.
Transfer to the airport. Departure.

•Avacha Bay is known as the biggest and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Surrounded by hills and snow-white mountain tops it is capable to hold the world fleet!
Boat-trip is a good possibility to observe eared seals, kalans (sea otters), fur seals, and perhaps beauty killer-whales cleaving endless space of the Pacific Ocean.
•A great number of birds are nesting on the island, such as red-faced cormorant, glaucous-winged gull, fulmar, tufted puffin, pigeon guillemot and many others. These islands are also the place of habitat for a rare Sea-eagle –it’s the biggest eagle in the world.
•Smaller bays have their own unique outlines and rocks have their own legends. For instance at the entrance to the ocean you can take a picture of “Gates of the town” – these are three rocks, elevating above water. Also the rocks are called “Three brothers”. They say, ones brothers rose to defend Petropavlovsk and turned into stone protecting the coastline from tsunami.  All this and a majestic panorama of Avacha Bay with a crown of Viluchinsky volcano top will leave in your hearth an incredible impression!


Length of Trip:
11 Days/10 Nights

Set Start Dates:

July 9, July 17, July 23, August 2,
August 9, August 14, August 23,
August 26, September 3


  • Accommodation at a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Accommodation at a recreation base in Paratunka village;
  • Accommodation at base-camp under Avacha volcano;
  • Service of guides;
  • Service of a cook;
  • Board en route;
  • Excursions according to the program;
  • Transfers according to the program;
  • Hiring group gear and equipment (tents, cooking staffs, etc.);
  • Insurance;
  • Passes and permits to natural territories.

Highlights of the program:

  • Helicopter flight to the pearl of Kamchatka – The Valley of Geysers with landing in The Uzon Caldera. Flight around active volcanoes Karymsky and Maly Semyachik. A two-hour’s excursion in the Valley of Geysers, excursion in the caldera of Uzon volcano.
  • Ascent to Avachinsky volcano (2,751 m.). Exploring fumaroles and sulphur fields, excursion round the crater.
  • Ascent to Mutnovsky volcano (2,323 m.), Gorely volcano (1,829 м). A visit to a small valley of geysers, active crater, exploring the
  • craters with lakes.
  • A mountain river Bystraya rafting. Passing rapids, fishing. Cooking a real fish-soup “uha” on the bank of the river. There is a chance to see Kamchatka brown bear.
  • A good chance to witness undisturbed nature and the results of volcanic processes.
  • Acquaintance with the culture of indigenous people of Kamchatka.
  • A good chance to meet people who feel the same way you do.

Recommendations for travelers: Persons under 16 are not admitted to the tour. It is not recommended to take tourist routes the persons who needs medical cure or who are under medical control.

Additional information: Pay attention to preparation of personal gear (clothes and boots), as covering long distances while ascent to the craters, passes and volcano craters during the whole summer season snow remains and in case of nasty weather the temperature at 1,000 meters can fall considerably. It is planned for a route to stay in summer houses and in tents sleeping in sleeping-bags. Tourists carry their personal gear by themselves.

We will gladly assist you in the coordination of your international airfare; however, these costs are not included in the land tour prices.
For More Detail & Booking of Kamchatka Adventure Package

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11 Days Kamchatka Adventure Tour Package from All Russia Tours

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