3 Days Medieval Mosaic Tour Package from Belarus Visit (Posted on Jun 7 2011)

3 Days Medieval Mosaic Tour Package from Belarus Visit

3 days/2 nights (train)

Day 1
8:30- Arrival in Grodno.
City tour: the Kolozha church of Sts. Boris and Gleb (12th century), Catholic Farny Cathedral (17-18th centuries), Eliza Orzeszko house, Tyzenhaus square, Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, Soviet Square, Craftsmen Museum…

Old Grodno Castle (14-15th centuries) – historically established complex of fortifications. Nowadays Grodno Museum of History and Archaeology is situated in the castle.

New Grodno Castle (18th century) – former king’s palace. Part of the castle is occupied by Museum of Local History.

Grodno Zoo – the unique zoo which has a wide variety of animals and birds from all the continents.

Aquapark (on the voluntary basis – at extra cost).

Dinner (at extra cost). Accomodation in the hotel. Free time.



Day 2
Breakfast. Departure to Lida. Arrival in Lida (about 11 a.m.). City tour.
Lida, 112 km (70 miles) from Grodno:
City tour: Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, former catholic church of the Piar order  (XIX century) – nowadays – St. Michael’s church, Immortality barrow and tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Lida Castle– one of the largest castles on the territory of Belarus. The castle was founded by Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas in 1322 to defend against crusaders attacking Belarusian land.
Entertaining program in the castle: theatrical performance, jousts, archery, catapult fire practice, medieval games.
Free time. Departure. Arrival in Minsk in the evening.

Day 3
Breakfast. Visit to the ethnographic complex «Korobchitsy». It is a museum in the open air 6 km (3,7 miles) away from the city, where it is easy to spend the whole day and have a good time. Half of the territory (16 hectares) remained untouched – roes, elks, wild boars, dappled deer live in this forest reserve. Next to this territory there are five man-made ponds full of carps, grass carps, silver carps, trout, sturgeons, etc. The ponds are surrounded by animal enclosures decorated by original fences and humpbacked log bridges.  On the shore of the large lake you can see beautiful summerhouses, wooden piers, summer café. Large oak tables, massive village stove, tavern utensils of XVII – XVIII centuries – everything helps to relax with great pleasure and to forget any problems.

On the opposite shore a hunter’s and fisher’s house is situated. A stage with 150 places for spectators is prepared for concerts and performances. Peacocks, pheasants, turkeys, overseas hens and African ostriches live in the poultry-yard. Children have fun on the swings, seesaws and merry-go-rounds in the “Smile Park”. But the main theme of Korobchitsy is horses. Sport cavalry club “Amadeus” is the pride of the complex. Horse riding, stagecoach, phaeton and carriage riding are the most exiting part of the program for tourists. Sometimes the complex receives up to 30 wedding corteges. Newly-married can hire a beautiful pleasure cortege. The stables have 40 horses of various breeds: Hannover, Livetser, Holstein, Frisian, Pony. There is also a riding school. A covered riding house is planned to be built in the near future.

Lida belarus

Lida belarus

The complex has over 30 objects of various purposes as a whole and every one blends perfectly with natural landscape. Restaurant “Zamak Zevany” endows the complex with a special coloring.

Lunch. Free time. Transit to Grodno. Seeing off at the railway station.

Cost: on request

The Cost Includes:

  • Performance in Lida with refreshment.
  • Accommodation (2 nights in a hotel)
  • Transport service
  • Visit to “Korobchitsy” museum
  • 3 breakfasts (lunch and dinner – at extra cost)

The cost does not include: entrance tickets, Grodno aquapark and zoo, horse riding and carriage saunter in “Korobchitsy”.
Attention!!! The cost of the tour may be changed depending on the accommodation cost.

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3 Days Medieval Mosaic Tour Package from Belarus Visit

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