8 Days Mountain Skiing Tour Package in Belarus with Bell Tourist (Posted on Jun 7 2011)

8 Days Mountain Skiing Tour Package in Belarus with Bell Tourist


Mountain Skiing in Belarus?! It’s unbelievable, but is really so.

In spite of the fact that the highest point in Belarus above the sea level is only 345 m and the average relief of Belarus is 160 m, very soon mountain skiing in Belarus will be a reality. Areas like Belarus may not be a tourist hub for night life and poker games but it sure can be home to mountain skiing. We are absolutely sure that our Belarus, the country in the center of Europe, the country with enormous tourist opportunities will be the place you will choose for your favourite hobby – mountain skiing.

Silichy Mountain Skiing

Silichy Mountain Skiing

“LOGOYSK” National mountain skiing center Not far from the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk, the National mountain skiing center in Logoysk (36 km from Minsk) is built there. It includes 6 slopes with lifts and subsidiary rooms. The construction of all the buildings is made of timber, in the style of Alpine healthy resorts. There is a mountain-skiing route, rental agency for mountain-skiers, chair lifts, a restaurant and so on.
It includes 2 mountain skiing routes on the Northern slope with rope tows, the hotel for 50 beds, the restaurant, parking space for 400 cars and the second rental agency.

Welcome to Belarusian “Switzerland”!
Welcome to the world of mountain skiing!

“SILICHY” Mountain Skiing Resort

We are really happy to declare that from January 29 2005 another one absolutely new and modern “SILICHY” Mountain Skiing Resort (30km. from Minsk) was officially open by the President of Belarus A. Lukashenko and it is really fantastic. It is situated several km from “LOGOISK” Mountain Skiing Resort and has everything to satisfy every skier’s demand. The length of 3 routes for skiing is 2.5 km. Total capacity – 1000 skiers per day. 4-chair elevator makes your lifting comfortable. Altitude overfall is 100m. There is a parking lot for 500 cars. As for your hotel accommodation there is a cosy hotel for 60 beds and several wooden guesthouses for 2-4 persons each. Belarusian and European cuisine is offered in the restaurant and the cafe. Hire of skiing equipment is also at your service. If you come to “SILICHY” with children – no problem – there is a special service for them as well as services of mountain skiing instructors for different levels of skiing.

PERIOD: November – March (till there is snow)

DAY 1: Arrival in Minsk-2 International Airport. Transfer to the resort. Check-in at the hotel. Time at leisure. Dinner.
*if you arrive by train or by your own bus/car you will arrive straight to the hotels of resorts.
DAY 2,3,4,5,6,7: Breakfast. Skiing and relaxing on the resort chosen.
*in case there will be no rooms vacant on the resorts, we recommend to stay in Minsk Hotels and to use everyday transfer Minsk – Resorts – Minsk.
LAST DAY: Departure home.

Belarus Mountain Skiing

Belarus Mountain Skiing


Houses for individual residing are designed 2-storeyed.
Ground floor – a public zone (living-room).  It represents a big room with
a fireplace, a compact kitchen and a bath with a shower.
First floor is designed as a sleeping place. The lay-out of bedrooms in
eight small guest houses is designed differently. There the rooms on
the 1-st floor are represented  as open mezzanines – the uniform
big space incorporated by a ladder and without partitions. And in the
other – the top levels will be broken into two  bedrooms.

The hotel was designed in an interesting constructive way which will
allow to use it to easily access every place in the resort. The question
is realization in the hotel of two-level numbers. In the project besides
the basic, sleeping part located on the top floor, there are public zones
where it is possible to keep skis, other inventory. But it is not all. In
each room an individual exit is providing direct access to
mountain-skiing courses, i.e. it is possible to get out of the room,
omitting the main hotel entrance and public corridors. In designers’
opinion, such a lay-out of rooms will be maximum convenient and
adapted to needs of the visitors.
Besides the 2-leveled  hotel rooms there are  also traditional rooms:
in the top, 3-rd floor of hotel mansard rooms, in the ground-floor the
standard lay-out was used,  the rooms are facing the forest.

PS. Please do not forget about sightseeing tours and cultural programs you will be offered by our Company when in Minsk.

For More Information & Reservation Belarus Mountain Skiing Package

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8 Days Mountain Skiing Tour Package in Belarus with Bell Tourist

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