10 Days Portugal Hideaways Tour Package from Portugal.com €1015/- (Posted on Jun 16 2011)

10 Days Portugal Hideaways Tour Package from Portugal.com €1015/-


This Self Drive tour was specifically designed based on special promotional offers from the hotel partners in this program. The itinerary includes the Douro River Valley, the historical city of Coimbra, the Algarve and the cities of Porto and Lisbon. Accommodations are in charming hotels for a true hideaway experience. Special amenities (listed at the end of the page)from the hotels are included in this very special package. We will be glad to add any extra services or extra nights to this itinerary to make your hideaway even more memorable! Begins in Porto and ends in Lisbon.

porto portugal

porto portugal


Day 1: Arrival to Porto and visit

Today you will arrive to the city of Porto! We’ll offer a private transfer with driver from Porto airport to Hotel Infante de Sagres and then you can start to explore the city of Porto. The city of Porto puts the “Port” into our country’s name and indeed it is one of the oldest cities in Portugal. Its inhabitants are proud to be “tripe eaters” and they call their city the “unbeatable”. It is a fact that the city of Porto has been the stage for some of the most important historical and cultural events that still today mold the portuguese culture. Once you reach the historical city centre, considered World Heritage by UNESCO, you will have more than enough time to explore the Church of São Francisco. This old simple gothic Franciscan church is now known as “the cave of gold” in an astonishing exhibit of wealth and power. Right next door you’ll find the Stock Exchange Palace with incredible granite work and magnificent neo-Arab influences. On your way up to the Cathedral you’ll still have time to admire the interesting glazed tiles of the São Bento Railway station. After a visit to the Cathedral (12th century) you will be able to admire the river Douro and all of the Port Wine lodges that brought fame and fortune to the city. But a tour in Porto would never be complete without a visit to these wine cellars. After crossing the D.Luis Bridge you will start to smell the aroma of the slowly aging Port Wine. The massive vats improve the quality of a wine that can last for more than 100 years. In one of these century old wine cellars you will learn all about its production, storage methods and all the secrets that make this nectar one of the most appreciated in the world. As an extra ammenity of the Portuguese Hideaways by staying at the Infante de Sagres Hotel you will have a complimentary visit per person to one of these famous Port Wine Cellars. At the end of the day you may also go for a short boat ride (not included) allowing you to observe the city of Porto from a different perspective and admire the many bridges that make the city of Porto unique.

If you wish to visit Porto with a driver and/or guide, please consult us.

Accommodation in Porto at:
Hotel Infante Sagres (5 star Small Luxury Hotels of the World)

What the hotel says:
“The Hotel Infante de Sagres is located few meters far from Porto’s most famous thoroughfare, the Avenida dos Aliados, and right in the heart of the city`s main shopping and banking districts. A first choice among visiting royalty and other dignitaries, it offers an unparalleled level of service for guests staying in its 73 rooms, which are all equipped with satellite TV, mini-bar, stylish traditional furniture and double-glazed windows. Wide and luxurious spaces recently decorated with a unique sensibility, adapted in the perfection to the realization of a whole type of events. Supported by traditional kitchen of high quality. Rare works of chimney cuts, ceilings and walls, chinese porcelains or vitrais of Ricardo Leone and the historical involvement of the noble center of the city provide a unique experience that the staff of the Hotel Infante Sagres complements with the passion imposed to the art of well serve.”

Day 2: Day to explore the Minho region
Today you should collect the rented car and, leave the city of Porto in the morning and head towards the norhernmost region of Portugal: the region of Minho. The Minho is known as the garden of Portugal and one of the most productive agricultural regions of Portugal. Your first stop of the day should be in the city of Guimarães, the first capital of Portugal, chosen by our first king, Afonso Henriques. After a visit to the sacred hill of the castle it will be time to have a look at Dukes of Bragança Palace and to other references that made UNESCO consider this town as a World Heritage Site. After this first visit of the morning you should continue towards the town of Ponte de Lima. This town is located on the banks of the river Lima, crossed by the old Roman Bridge, and claims to be the capital of the Green Wine. Strolling in its town centre you will find the true genuine atmosphere of a small town of the North of Portugal.Then you should visit the charming Viana do Castelo. Please do not miss the view from the spectacular Church of Santa Luzia towards the Atlantic and the impressive filigree works on some of the stores of Viana do Castelo. And, of course, you must walk aroundin their medieval streets. After this last visit of the day it will be time for you to return to Porto and rest for the evening.

Accommodation in Porto at:
Hotel Infante Sagres (5 star Small Luxury Hotels of the World)

Roadbook – Approximate distances and times:
Porto – Guimarães — 53 Km (43 minutes)
Guimarães – Ponte de Lima — 59 Km (46 minutes)
Ponte de Lima – Viana do Castelo — 30 km (24 minutes)

Day 3: Departure to the Douro Valley
Today you will leave the city of Porto and depart towards the Douro Valley. On your way to the Douro you should not miss the small town of Amarante. Located on the banks of the river Tâmega this charming little town is right at the gate to the Douro Valley. We are sure you won’t resist crossing the bucolic Tâmega River, towards S. Gonçalo monastery (16th century). A local legend says that all the women who dare to touch the tomb of the saint will get pregnant… Be careful because the locals say it really works…After this first visit of the day you will reach the town of Vila Real. On the outskirts of this town you will find the worldwide famous Mateus Palace. This baroque noble palace from the 18th century became worldwide known after becoming the symbol of Mateus Rosé wine. After a nice lunch break enjoying some of the gastronomy of the North of Portugal you will finally proceed towards the Douro where you will reach the Aquapura Douro Valley in the middle of the afternoon.

Douro Valley

Douro Valley

Accommodation in the Douro at:
Hotel Aquapura Douro Valley (5 star Small Luxury Hotels of the World)

What the hotel says:
“Set between the magnificent river and the verdant trees of the classified woods, lays Quinta de Vale Abraão, a striking 19th century manor house which has remained practically untouched over the years, its imposing estate overlooking the flowing waters of the Douro. The sophistication and exclusiveness of AquaPura Douro Valley are reflected in property consisting of 50 rooms, 21 villas and an internationally renowned SPA.”.

Roadbook – Approximate distances and times:
Porto – Amarante — 60 km (48 minutes)
Amarante – Vila Real – 41 km (39 minutes)
Vila Real – Peso da Régua – 31 km (25 minutes)

Day 4: Day to explore and relax in the Douro Valley
On this day of your itinerary it will be time to slow down the pace a little and enjoy the Douro Valley. This spectacular wine region has been known for the production of Wine for almost 2000 years… The steep terraced slopes are outstandingly carved by the human hands to create one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe. Today we would recommend you to relax at the hotel a little longer and enjoy the spectacular SPA of the Aquapura (complimentary access as a Tours For You client in partnership with the Aquapura Douro Valley for the Portuguese Hideaways). Later in the morning you could drive along a scenic road towards the Quinta da Pacheca. Being specialized in both Port and table wines this is certainly of the most scenic wine estates of this region. After a visit to the old wine cellar you will be invited to sit down and taste some of the delicious nectars that come from the Douro Valley all of this with the compliments of the Aquapura. Depending on your state of mind you may use the rest of the day to explore the Douro a little more and maybe visit some more wine estates; go on a river cruise that you may arrange with the Hotel; explore the Archeological Park of the Côa Valley- depending on availability- (World Heritage Site) or just enjoy the tranquility of the Douro at the Hotel.

Accommodation in the Douro at:
Hotel Aquapura Douro Valley (5 star Small Luxury Hotels of the World)

Day 5: Departure to Coimbra
Today you will leave behind the Douro Valley towards central Portugal to visit one of the oldest university towns in Europe: the city of Coimbra. After crossing the rolling hills of the centre of Portugal you will finally reach Coimbra. Entering the city of Coimbra you’ll still find several traces of the past. Nevertheless there’s still a blow of youthfulness with the big student community arriving every year to the old University. This monument should indeed be one of the highlights of your visit. Please, do not miss the University chapel and its baroque library as they are amongst Portugal’s most well known icons. In its city centre you’ll wander among old roman ruins, Romanesque and Manueline churches at the same time you stroll across its commercial busy area. It is not easy to distinguish here the limit between the old metropolis and the modern city. Then, you should cross the scenic Mondego river until you reach the Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas where you will rest tonight. Maybe if time allows you can have a relaxed moment at the SPA (complimentary access) before resting for the night.

Accommodation in the Coimbra at:
Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas (4 stars charming Relais & Chateaux)

What the hotel says:
“This 18th century palace surrounded by magnificent gardens still vibrates with the memory of the famous romance between Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro. Today, this property has been transformed into a superb hotel, beautifully decorated in the traditional colours of Portugal. Enjoy the charm of its elegant guest rooms with inlaid furniture and savour the innovative cuisine prepared with the finest local produce.”

Roadbook – Approximate distances and times:
Douro Valley – Coimbra — 195 Km (2h05 minutes)

Day 6: Departure to the Algarve
This journey starts in the morning with a short visit to the Monastery of Santa Clara in Coimbra (on your way out to the Algarve) taking the chance to enjoy the beautiful panorama over Coimbra before you leave towards the plains of the South. Halfway through your journey you will certainly need to stop for a lunch break. We would recommend you to head to the city of Setúbal (on your way) where you may enjoy some of the freshest fish of Portugal in some of the many local restaurants along the main boulevard of the city. This century old port was already recongnized by the romans due to its excellent conditions. Maybe after a delicious lunch you can stroll in the cobbled promenades where once poets roamed writing about the sea…After this stop it will be time to continue our journey towards the South crossing the Alentejo region until you will finally reach the Algarve. Today you will have your longest day of driving but we assure you that the reward at the end of the day is worth it. By the time you finally enter the region of the the Algarve you will be looking at some of the most spectacular cliffs of Portugal from where the ships of Prince Henry the Navigator once sailed in search of new worlds for the known world…

Accommodation in Sagres at:
Hotel Memmo Baleeira (4 stars design Hotel)

What the hotel says:
“Characterised by its relaxing, contemporary atmosphere of design, this 4 star hotel has everything you need for a weekend break from your daily routine or for a few days of holiday retreat. The resort’s 110 rooms, with views over the sea and over Baleeira harbour, provide you with all the comfort of the Memmo unforgettable bed and are fully equipped. The hotel’s facilities include a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, swimming pool with magnificent ocean views and a modern SPA furnished with a sauna, Turkish bath, gym, heated indoor pool and massage parlours; meanwhile your children can enjoy themselves at our kids club. We also have an outdoor activity club, where you can rent a bicycle to tour the region, arrange jeep trips and water sports – surfing lessons, windsurfing or diving – or reserve a round at one of the nearby golf courses. Situated in Costa Vicentina Natural Park, the hotel is surrounded by stunning deserted beaches and the wild nature of an unforgettable beauty.”

Roadbook – Approximate distances and times:
Coimbra – Setúbal — 240 Km (2h31 minutes)
Setúbal – Sagres — 295 Km (3h04 minutes)

Day 7: Day to explore the Algarve
Today you will have the chance to explore some of the genuine Algarve starting your day in the morning on a cycling independent tour (bikes and itinerary provided by the hotel and included as part of the Portuguese Hideaways Program) along the protected landscape of the Costa Vicentina. On the rest of your day we highly recommend you to continue to explore the Algarve a little more. Seize the opportunity, to go to one of its numerous beaches or to enjoy the picturesque seaside towns where the Mediterranean culture and gastronomy with fresh fish and seafood will be unforgettable. The Algarve is also well-known for playing golf in one of the numerous golf courses of recognized quality you can find in here; if you’re more of the adventurous and active visitor you can always enjoy some surfing or boating activities; if you wish to meet the culture and history of Algarve, we suggest you to visit the western part of the region, including the fishing town of Lagos where you shall take the chance to walk along the historical centre. It used to be from this bay that some of the famous Portuguese Explorers sailed away, under the orientation of Infante D. Henrique (Henry “The Navigator”). After this, you might as well want to sneak into the 17th century Fortress (Forte do Pau da Bandeira), nowadays an art exhibition centre. The Governors Castle is another important attraction. Close to your hotel, you’ll find the Fortress of Sagres, said to be the headquarters of a 15th century School of Navigation. At the end of the day you will finally return to your hotel and maybe enjoy the spectacular sunset at the Cape of Saint Vincent (Cabo São Vincente).

Algarve Portugal

Algarve Portugal

Accommodation in Sagres at:
Hotel Memmo Baleeira (4 stars design Hotel)

Day 8: Departure to Lisbon
This will be the day to head towards Lisbon. Leaving the Algarve early morning you will have the chance to start to explore the city of Lisbon in the afternoon. After the check-in at the hotel you will have the chance to have your first contact with the city. Lisbon, capital of Portugal, colonized by many civilizations along the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and finally the Portuguese after 1147. This city is linked with the heroic deeds of the Portuguese maritime exploration, in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was the Age of Discoveries and the Golden Era of Portugal, transforming Lisbon into the opulent centre of a vast empire. Part of the wealth from these expeditions was used to build magnificent monuments in a unique Portuguese style: the extravagant Manueline architectural style, best typified in Jerónimos Monastery. Some of these monuments can still be seen, especially in the area of Belém, where you can also overlook the Tower of Belém and the Monument to the Discoveries. You can also visit St. George Castle, including its surrounding quarter and Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest quarter.
But Lisbon has more than just monuments! The traditional commerce zones of the city, with their 18th century buildings: the Downtown and the Chiado, are worthy of a visit! Don’t worry if you don’t have time to visit all of this during this afternoon. You will have plenty of time to do it on the next day as well!

Roadbook – Approximate distances and times:
Sagres – Lisboa — 330 Km (3h32 minutes)

Accommodation in Lisbon at one of the Hotels of the Heritage Group:
About the Heritage Group of Hotels:
“The Heritage Lisbon Hotels were created with the idea of promoting charming hotels that reflect Portugal’s and Lisbon’s tradition and culture. Managed by a Portuguese family, the Heritage Lisboa Hotels are installed in old houses and small historic buildings in the historic center. These small hotel units offer an alternative to large luxury hotels and an intimate and welcoming environment. A special balance has been struck between local traditions and modern-day requirements thus creating unique environments. The hotels’ location in Lisbon’s historic center facilitates immediate contact with the most genuine aspects of the city, ranging from its monuments to the local residents.”

Important note: Please note that accomodation in the different hotels of the group will depend on its availability. The hotel group will choose the hotel where you’ll stay (it’s a condition to use the speical prices of this package). But if you have a preference, we can always ask for it in the reservation (not guaranteed)

Hotel Heritage Avenida da Liberdade (4 stars charming)
Hotel Heritage As Janelas Verdes (4 stars charming)
Hotel Heritage Britania (4 stars charming)
Hotel Heritage Lisboa Plaza (4 stars charming)
Hotel Herigate Solar do Castelo (4 stars charming)

Day 9: Day to explore Lisbon
Today you will have the chance to explore the city of Lisbon a little more on an independent tour on your own with a supplied itinerary through Lisbon’s BelvederesTour of Lisbon’s belvederes (provided by the hotel). If you are up to explore the city in one of the most original ways you may hop on into one of the old electric cars (tickets included and provided by the hotel ) going up and down the hills of Lisbon. If you are in need of a cultural moment have a look at the National Museum of Art and admire some of the Portuguese masterpieces of the past (tickets to the Museum included and provided by the hotel). At the end of the day you may explore some of the excellent gastronomy of Lisbon before heading back home.

Accommodation in Lisbon in one of the Heritage Hotels Group.

Day 10:Check-out and delivery of rental car
Today you would deliver your rental car at the airport and depart back home.

Please ask us for an extension of your holidays to include more days in Lisbon or in any other area of Portugal before returning back home. If you have at least one extra day, we suggest to add it, to include a visit to Sintra and Estoril Coast. Please consult us for more details.

Total Adult Passengers
/ Car Group
Low Season
10 Days/ 9 Nights
High Season
10 Days/ 9 Nights
2 Pax (1 Double Room)
Group C vehicle
895€ 1110€
4 Pax (2 Double Rooms)
Group F vehicle
855€ 1080€
6 Pax (3 Double Rooms)
Group K vehicle
820€ 1015€
Car Upgrade Group C to E 55€ 85€
Car Upgrade Group F to I 250€ 300€
Car Upgrade Group F to K 80€ 140€

Our price includes:

  • 9 nights of accomodation at the selected Hotels.
  • 9 full-breakfasts
  • Private arrival airport transfer in Porto
  • 8 days of rental car (air-conditioned vehicle) with CDW and TP insurance, unlimited kms. Please check Car Groups here: Rent-a-Car Section
  • Complimentary access to the SPA’s at the Aquapura Douro Valley Hotel and at the Quinta das Lágrimas – SPA treatments not included
  • 1 visit per person to the Port Wine Cellars in Porto (Infante de Sagres complimentary)
  • 1 Wine Tasting at Quinta da Pacheca in the Douro (AquaPura complimentary)
  • 1 visit in the Santa Clara Monastery in Coimbra (Quinta das Lágrimas complimentary)
  • Bikes for an independent tour of Costa Vicentina in the Algarve (Memmo Baleeira complimentary)
  • 1 Welcome Drink; tickets for the National Museum of Art and Tram 28 and a Tour of Lisbon’s belvedere in Lisbon (Heritage Hotels complimentary)

Optionals (payable at rent-a-car desk):

  • Car delivery at your hotel
  • Aditional driver
  • GPS
  • Super CDW and Theft to cover deductible amounts
  • One way rental car drop fee from Porto to LisbonParking at hotels in Porto and Lisbon (12-15 euros per day)

PRICES (per person):
Low Season: From 1st November 2010 to 31st of March 2011
High Season: From 1st of April to 31st of October 2011

For More Detail & Booking of Portugal Hideaways Tour Package

United States – call toll free – 800-652-9151
North America – call 1-209-667-2405
Visit: http://www.portugal.com/travel/madeira/madeira_lisbon/

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10 Days Portugal Hideaways Tour Package from Portugal.com €1015/-

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